Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Forrest Fenn Treasure Photo Is Revealed

Forrest Fenn has FINALLY revealed photos of the treasure chest.

Yep...who doesn't hide millions of dollars and forget that they had a photo in an old laptop!

Only Forrest Fenn.

Such a shame that he has to go through such extremes to attempt to prove something that is only is his imagination. Fenn's reveal only proves one thing, the treasure does not exist.

Heck even I was beginning to think the damn chest was real. So glad I could get that useless thought out of my head.

Y'all do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that for yourselves.

I must say that whoever concocted this scheme to save face failed miserably and I suggest they be removed from the FF payroll. I also suggest that whomever has the original metadata from this photo should share that IMPORTANT information. I guarantee that this photo is much older than one might be intelligent enough to believe, especially since the treasure DOES NOT EXIST. Geez, gullible are y'all?


  1. And yet another similar suspicious photo. Same wooden background, no identifying markers as to where or who was in possession of it. Also note the different items he never mentioned putting in the chest. Supposedly he was still deciding on what to put the final photo shoot???? REALLY!! This is suspicious in itself! But WAIT!!....I thought his photographer only sent him 3 pictures and deleted the rest?? Now there is a 4th picture?? Just because he can produce another suspicious photo still doesn't prove ownership. If I whip out a picture of Brad Pitt from my wallet and claim I am dating him, will another photo of him without me in it still prove I am dating him?? How is it that FF never managed to get a picture with so much as his thumb in these photos and yet he can produce several photos of his house slippers with his stinking feet feet in them. Until he comes up with a photograph with him with this treasure or some identifying background in his office's just another suspicious photo.

  2. And how come if this older picture was taken early on before the final photo shoot, it is taken on the same wooden prop? According to "Dal" this photo was possibly taken on FF's kitchen table. So, what...did they haul FF's kitchen table into to Santa Fe to take the final pictures?? And who took this photo? Why didn't they ask FF to be in the photos?? FF claimed earlier the prop was just a nice piece of wood to use to take these photos. All very older photo taken on the same wooden prop.

  3. Such utter nonsense. It doesn't get more insulting to the intelligence of the public, does it? Fenn & his band of cohorts took an awful lot of time trying to come up with this new spoof~~which goes to show just how slow and stupid they are. Not working old can't do better than this feeble attempt with a random photo of "some chest filled ever-so-neatly with trinkets & costume fake jewels." FF, you should be ashamed and embarrassed of this outrageously concocted attempt to validate your scam!! Your feeble old brain just doesn't work well anymore, FF...If it ever did.
    This is disgusting and can't be believed by any individual with only half a brain.
    KNOCK OFF THE CRAP, YOU PHONY BASTARD. Searchers, snap out of your damned trance and collectively DEMAND Fenn (with TV camera crews) retrieve his elusive pot of gold! Force him to prove his imaginary story!

  4. is a quote directly from FF on Mysterious Writings after being asked about the photos...."that chest was placed on a small stool in my photographer's studio. I thought it was an apt prop from which to launch the thrill of the chase. We messed around for a long time with lighting and rearranging the gold coins and nuggets. He must have taken 50 photos but when I got home he sent me only three. He said he picked out the best ones and deleted the others. f"

    So....the prop has turned from a stool to his kitchen table??

  5. And the 3 photos turned into a 4th photo. As we all know, when one lies extensively they begin to lose track of their own deceit. It's actually sad to see how desperate the Fenn Camp is to try and save face, but it's just not working in their favor. What's even worse is that Randy lost his life due to this hoax, but in the end Randy will be the hero and save many lives, incomes, marriages and the sanity of others.

  6. Could it be?...That the sun is finally going down...On the Home of Brown? We can only hope.

  7. TwoCrows, I indeed think the karma bus has arrived...

  8. I just had a buddy take a look at the "recent" picture Forrest uploaded of the chest. Some alarming evidence. He believes the picture was doctored. One of the main reasons is that its origin is listed as "Date Taken: 4/1/1887 11:05AM" "Program name Photo Meta Edit 2.1.7" So someone took great detail in covering their tracks with this picture. In conclusion, you can't trust it's authenticity.